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About us

Your demotivator poster is too hardcore to upload it on other websites? Was it rejected or removed? Don't worry, be happy and upload it here! We like spice and hardcore stuff.

Using of this website is very simple. Sign up and upload your porndemotivators to the queue or rate and comment on the work of other people. Some good and fun words and bitchin photo - this is what we like best. Uploading a nice tushies, pussy and boobs with good texts, and your porndemotivators certainly will go to the home page. The main mission is have a nice time and fun!

Good advice: copy the link of image, send to a friend, who is at work or school at this time and make sure it will opened at a time when his boss or teacher will be looking at his monitor - lots of laughter guaranteed!

How does work a queue?

All new porndemotivators go to queue. Users rate it (bitchin or shit) and decide which ones are best and will be posted on the homepage. Therefore, you can found here only the best porndemotivators, which give rise to laughter.

How can I create a new porndemotivator?

Please log in first, and then use the creating porndemotivators function. Be creative and come up with something good. Choose nice, interesting, shocking or hardcore photo or image. Give it the curious, the best short and catchy title. You can also add short, adding a sense of description. Do everything to make your image very popular and quickly jumped to the home page!

Optionally, you can also give the source of the image or photo (if you know). Do not give a direct link to the same image, but to the page where it is. Do not write as the source, such as google.com, imageshack.com, etc.